100 days and done!

100 days.

That was the first "54 Falmouth Beach Paintings in 54 Days."

Plus "the other 46."

Why I continued on to 100 after the first 54 were done... oh my goodness... I'm not sure!  

Simply to say that it was an amazing 100 days.  Painting a new painting (or two) EVERY day.

A friend called last night and said, "you must be so proud of yourself!"

And honestly, my answer is, "no, not really."

I say that not to deflect what was intended by her as a compliment, that was such a delightful phone call to receive, but rather to put the credit where the credit is due.

I don't see the 100 day accomplishment as something I did on my own.  So to say I'm proud of myself, well, that seems... boastful.

Rather, I prefer to say that yes, I am extremely grateful for oh so many things that made the 100 days happen.  Grateful that I remained healthy to be able to get out there every day.  Grateful that I was bolstered by words of support on social media from people I don't even know, have never met.  Grateful that I have been graced with the gift of painting by the great Creator.

Yes, I am happy.  And grateful.  And kinda tired.  

So what did I do last night to celebrate?  Ha ha.  I cleaned my kitchen counters.  Folded piles of laundry.  Vacuumed under things.  In other words, caught up with life, or at least started to, in the minutia of things that have escaped me the past 100 days.  Some might suggest also clearing the decks for the next things.

THANK YOU to those of you who have walked along this journey with me.  I am SO GRATEFUL to each and every one of you. I quite literally could not, would not, have done it without you.

Oh - and that photo?  It's a blob of fresh white oil paint on the canvas.  What became most commonly how I began each new painting.