Each commission painting featured here began as an idea in someone's head, conveyed to me, to bring to life with paint.

What is it you envision that would bring you joy to see hanging on your wall?

A cherished family fur friend? Consider a pet portrait.

Your very own "happy place"? Consider a land or seascape.

Children or grandchildren at play?

Capture them in a way that when you look at it years from now, you will remember the essence of their childhood joy and wonder.

Or maybe you have a unique space in need of an equally unique size.

This a painting on masonite board, cut to fit exactly to an inlaid area over a fireplace.


And of course home portraits are always a classic, to live on through generations with fond memories of days spent together.
An example of a recently completed commission painting.
Old Village Green Inn line drawing

I would love to discuss your ideas with you, and make your dream vision reality.

I invite you to consider commissioning a painting of your own.