All that's left

Not every painting is meant to be a masterpiece.  Some are simply painted for the fun of it. And others, to heal an inner wound that only the artist truly understands.  

This one.  I titled it "All That's Left." Painted it knowing full well that nobody was likely to ever buy a painting of the remains of an old stone barn.  

This barn, well, I should more correctly say, the one that used to be here, was a home away from home for me during a year of high school. 

 I boarded my horse, Flukey, at this barn.  Spent hours grooming him.  Riding him in the fields behind, now all built up as housing developments. Cherished memories.  Devoured in sadness of what is now, "all that's left." 

And this was from a visit about 18 years ago, so I would guess that by now, even this portion of the barn is gone.

Too sad?  Apologies.  I said I would tell the backstories of some of my paintings, and this is the one that surfaced tonight.  Though look more closely.  There are also trees in spring bloom.  New life.  And so it goes.

.  Photos: Flukey and me. 

    And yes, that's the barn in the background.