April 1 - what a difference a year makes!

Do you remember, those of you familiar with Falmouth, it was a year ago today they closed off the beach parking lots to us as a social distancing measure? Personally, that meant I lost my place to sit and paint from the front seat of my car, something I had done in the prior months on a fairly regular basis. 

The parking lots remained closed for 54 days.

Today, one year later, I begin a series of 54 new paintings I intend to create to celebrate the next 54 days that I can and will paint out of my car at the various beaches in and around town!!!    

My intention is to paint a variety of paintings to highlight all 10 of Falmouth's public beaches.  I'm still working out some of the details as to when I will post the new images... though I do know it is my intention to display them on my social media feeds (Instagram and FB) as well as in a new 'collection' on MimisArt.com that will be available beginning on April 6.

The paintings will be offered for sale at a significant pre-season discount.  And I'm starting to look for a venue where I can present a show of the images this summer. 

Here I am talking about beaches, and it's 37 degrees outside as I write this - Mother Nature does love to play a good April Fool's joke on us now and then!

Stay tuned... I'll be using this blog feed, too, as a bit of a 'show and tell' along the way!


PS - There was a silver lining in the closures for me that I would discover several weeks later, but that's a different story for another time.