Binoculars, please

My former mother in law was an amateur birdwatcher.

She was also fascinated by people.

And she had this theory that if you ever wanted to get a close look into someone's backyard that the way to do it was to sling a pair of binoculars around your neck.  They become your golden entry ticket to just about anywhere.  If questioned one could simply say, "oh, I'm following a bird!" Of course that was thirty ago, before the proliferation of home security cameras.

I often think of her when I head out to sketch or paint. Does the same idea hold true for an artist?  Are we just enough this side of quaint so that if I take a sketch pad and a handful of colored pencils with me I can venture into places I might not otherwise?

"Artist at work." That's the sign I put in my car window when I drive down a private road.  "Artist painting on location - please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you need me to move my car."  I've used that one on more than one occasion, too, stuck under the windshield wiper.

Today my destination was Racing Beach Road.  "Just tell them you're working on a commission for me," the client told me to say if anyone questioned my presence there.  Though it's the "off" season, so no security guard today.

Soon, all too soon, right about the time the dormant brown grasses and trees show off their beautiful spring greens, colors oh so fun (and challenging) to paint.  I will loose my access.

Now, where did I stash my binoculars?!

(these are the sketches done today at Racing Beach)