Dairy Queen diary...

What is it about a Dairy Queen sundae that can make a 20 minute break in the middle of your afternoon feel like a mini vacation? Thank you to Falmouth Dairy Queen for the most delicious coffee ice cream with hot fudge little sundae! I took it over to the beach at Surf Drive to enjoy, having already done my painting for the day. But the color of the water, and the sky, and the waves, and the view - well, out came the palette and I did another one. Helps that my painting box sits pretty much all of the time in the passenger seat next to me. So easy to open it spontaneously and paint another.  Me thinks maybe the coffee ice cream had something to do with it, too! 
Oh - and the painting? It's 8"x10" oil on canvas. Kinda fun to go quick and thick with palette knife and paint.  Interesting challenge to use the tip of the knife to tickle in the suggestion of buildings on the peak in Falmouth Heights (one can see from this angle WHY it's called the Heights!). And the blue awning of the Falmouth Yacht Club!  You may view it on the website here.

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