Dissecting the mess

How many of you remember "Highlights" magazines from when you were young, quite likely in the dentist's office?  There were always visual puzzles... how many items can you find... that type of thing.

This photo, well, it's kinda like one of those.

How many items can you find in what looks like clutter that are actually part of what helped make the 54 Falmouth Beach Paintings in 54 Days project possible?

The project is complete.  Over half of the paintings are sold (thank you one and all.)  And the picture, well, at least to me, it speaks volumes.  It is a mess, yes, but oh such a glorious mess.

  • The obvious - my paint box.  Known as a 'guerilla box' (no idea why.). It's lived on my front seat since April 1.  It carries tubes of paints, and the paper palette on which I mix the colors.
  • Brushes.  Used only a couple of times.  Worked mostly with painting knife.
  • Glasses.  Sunglasses.  Reading glasses. And sunglasses with reading glasses built in.  Because the light conditions constantly change.
  • Tea mug.  And the big blue thermos (thank you Suzan for my birthday gift last year!) On those colder days in April and early May, so appreciated.
  • Rubber/latex gloves.  Have learned to use these both for quick cleanup when I'm done with a painting session, as well as a safety precaution because oil paints really shouldn't be a bare skin experience.  Oh - and remember the video back on Day 19 when I finger painted the clouds?  Thank you, gloves, for stepping in as a painting tool.
  • Sun hat.  For the days when I ventured out onto the beach, or painted with an open sunroof.
  • Towels.  And paper towels.

And that's just the visible pieces!  More in the back seat, and back of the car.

Painting requires 'stuff.'  And oil painting, it's messy.

So I am grateful, to be driving this old car with 198,000+ miles on it.  So that if a little paint smudges here or there on the dashboard, it's ok.  

Yes, I'm rambling.  This is all stuff that's been important to me along the journey.  Traveling companions, both visually, and in my thoughts. 

What you don't see here are the prayers.  The phone conversations.  The people I met along the way.  Because the other thing about painting every day for 54 days from the front seat of my car is that it put me 'out there' in the world, after a year of being 'in here.'  Oh so glorious to be out in whatever weather.  To take in the glory of God's creation, on sunny days, windy days, wet and wild days.

SO blessed to call Cape Cod my home.  Blessed to have the gift of painting as livelihood.  Blessed to receive the love and support and encouraging words of sooooooo many along the way.

Not stopping at 54.  This has been much too much fun. Onward to 100, expanding beyond the beach paintings to anywhere I feel called on any given day. 

I thought I was going to clean up/out the car last week.  Nah.  It can wait.  Because sometimes messy, well, it's required to create the beautiful.

Love to all.