Experiencing spring in our souls

Spring.  Daffodils.  Green grass.  Tiny buds on the trees. Aaa..choo!!!

As I walked Rosie this afternoon, I was struck by how much each and every spot of color catches my eye this time of year.  Mostly yellow right now where I live. We're deep in the daffodils and forsythia.  As we move further into the summer, there will be a multitude of colors, and much as we enjoy it, the volume of it has the potential to cause us to notice the details a little less than we do now.

When I started the "54 Falmouth Beach Paintings in 54 days" project on April 1, things were still mostly just shades of grown and grey.  It had not yet occurred to me just how rich the experience might be of watching spring happen through the 54 days.  With 9 public beaches in Falmouth (10 if you include the pond at Goodwill Park, which the town does include on their list), that means I will be doing the circuit 6 times.  With each one, there will be a little more green dune grass, more color in the distant shorelines, and spots of unanticipated new color here and there.

I hope that you are enjoying watching the process as much as I am.  Even though it happens every year, it somehow seems to sparkle just a little bit more this year.  Perhaps there's a sense of spring in our souls.  Re-emergence.  New life.

Take time to smell the flowers.  Though be sure to tuck along a few tissues. Not just for your sneezes.  Perhaps also for the tears of joy.

Blessings to you.