For the JOY of it

     One of the joys of having a 'mobile studio' set up in the front seat of my car is the opportunity to paint impromptu. Though I did my 'official' 54 day painting project painting of the day earlier today, I ended up back at the beach at Chapoquoit Beach early evening, and was blown away (pun intended) by the beauty and intensity of the waves and surf as far as the eye could see, and the green color of the water that we only see there this time of year. Grabbed a 5x7 canvas board, and did a very quick, impressionist, knife painting bordering on abstract. Didn't even worry about covering the entire canvas with paint.
     Fun and exhilarating as the process of creating art should be.
While yes, I sell my painting as a way to pay life's expenses, another theme for me for many years has been to in some small way encourage others to explore their own creative endeavors, FOR THE JOY OF IT.
     Creativity is healing, restorative, relaxing, and yes, sacred. When we create, tension leaves the body, our breathing slows, we connect with something... other.
     Lots more to say on this topic... perhaps even some Youtube or Instagram/FB Live video sharings. 
     What would YOU like to know more about from this one artist's journey?
               Love to all.
here is a photo of the wave action
and the painting