Friday 5 Minute Fun

Two weeks into the new year.  How you doin' with those resolutions?

I love setting resolutions.  Though we all know it's difficult to follow through.  Thought I'd try something different this year.

I call it my "5 minute fun" list.  It's a daily check off of things on my resolutions list, built on the idea that I can make time, and endure, 5 minutes of just about anything.

I draw a grid in my Bullet Journal (more on Bullet Journals another time.)  List the items.  Take one day off for rest (Sabbath, if you know that term.) And revise the list as necessary each week.  Might be something I decide I really don't need to do anymore... or something else I'd like to add.  Currently there are 9 things on the list.  A total of 45 minutes of daily progress on my resolutions.

A sampling of what's on it? 

5 minutes of reading fiction (resolution - read more)
5 minutes of playing guitar (resolution - build callouses and finally be able to play it this year!)
5 minutes of yoga stretching (resolution - more yoga)
5 minutes of house cleaning (need I say more?)
5 minutes of ... (fill in the blank - what's come to mind for you?)

5 minutes fits in between the larger daily things.  5 minutes is a healthy break from the easel.  5 minutes sometimes turns into half an hour, and that's ok - it's the impetus for getting started and showing up to the chore - or the joy!

5 minutes a day becomes half an hour a week (no - math is not off - I'm simply allowing for one day off or missed - being realistic) - two hours a month - and 26 hours in the course of a year. 

As a full time artist, I'm finding this a wonderful tool for building some structure into my day.

Give it a try if you'd like... and let me know how it works!

Happy weekend!

Love to all.