Going Grey...

I said I'd write new posts every Tuesday and Friday, and here it is 10pm on Friday and, well, I haven't.

Not that I didn't think of topics.  Lots of them, in fact, since Tuesday.  Simply didn't write them down, and now here I sit.

My procrastination tool, this week?  Grey's Anatomy.  We used to call it reruns when we could watch things a second time.  Now we have Netflix.

17 seasons.  That's right.  17.  This isn't a binge watch.

So why Grey's?

1.  It's nostalgic, and familiar.  I watched it back in 2005 when it started.  
2. It's brand new.  I didn't have a TV in 2010/2011, so I stopped watching.  Which means now that I'm into Season 7, they're all new to me.
3.  It's like a reunion with old friends.  Meredith, Derrick, Miranda.  You know.
4.  It's someone else's drama.  And it always resolves, neatly, within an hour or two.   Just like real life, right?  Yeah.  right.
5.  It's not my problem.  None of it is.  Escapism of the perfect sort.

I know.  Who cares, and why is it blog worthy?  Because in 2020 and this first month of 2021, we've all needed a bit of extra self care.  We've needed to be able to unplug from reality.  And we've needed community.  So, alone here at home with the dog and cat on a Friday night, I escape to Seattle for an hour or two.  Then I come back to real life.

Because my real life... well it's honestly quite lovely.  Sure, I miss gathering together with friends, and being able to walk into a store and smile, full face smile, at anyone and everyone.  I miss wearing lipstick, and sitting at the bar for dinner in a restaurant to meet and talk with strangers to my immediate right and left who become friends by the time dinner is over.  

We'll get there.  I'm quite certain we will.  It won't always look like it does tonight.  But tonight, sitting here with the cat on my lap while I type, well, it's ok.  I've got my friends in Seattle.  No, they don't listen.  They don't even know I exist.  And sometimes, that, too, is ok.

Nite nite.