Is it there yet?

Sometimes there are paintings that others love and I look at and think "eh - I could do better."  This is one of them.

Painted a bunch of years ago from a photo I took while visiting a friend's family farm in Vermont.  A little outbuilding, stone wall, and a whole lot of foliage.  Seemed like a good idea.  I found it kinda boring after I started.  Yet back when I had my gallery and it hung on the wall it received comments with fair frequency, then finally sold.

I have a lot of paintings in my studio like this.  Not the image - I mean paintings that seem to me they just aren't quite "there" yet.  Paintings I want to revisit, and see if I can improve them.  Spent some time organizing last week, and when I finally had them all in place, was somewhat blown away with the quantity of them.  Note to self: never, ever buy any more new canvases, or at least not until you complete more of these!

I know this about myself.  I'm a starter, not a finisher.  I love the idea of diving into a new project.  Of gathering new materials.  Then grow bored much too quickly.  Time to change that.  To finally get to those unfinished canvases and see where they might go, after I've changed up my painting style over the past several years.  Stay tuned.  I already have a name for the collection. "New in '22."  So many ideas, so little time!  Get to work, Mimi, what are you waiting for?!