Mimi's blog has moved... details and link below.

New blog may be found at ArtistsRealLife.com

Why a new one?  More below.

I've been looking for a blog platform that would allow for more commenting by readers, to create a conversation and build creative community. A wise media friend pointed me in the direction of Substack.com - and oh wow have I been having fun learning its intricacies! Including a voiceover feature, that allows you to listen to the posts, read to you in my own voice.

What is it?

Every Monday to bring beauty to your week ... I will post one of my paintings, and talk about it. Kinda like show and tell. Remember that? I'll show you a painting, tell you a little more about it - who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how. Sometimes new ones. Sometimes older ones. This section is titled Mimi's Art Gallery and the first one posts Monday, July 24.

And every Thursday, to inspire your upcoming weekend ... I will post tips and thoughts on living the creative life, drawing on my own lifetime of experiences. Not always getting it right (oh goodness no!) though definitely always looking for the lessons, inspiration, and fun in the midst of it all. This section is titled #ArtistsRealLife and the first one posts Thursday, July 27.

How do I see it?

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All content is free to read or listen with a free subscription, though to join in the conversation and offer your own comments you will need to become a paid subscriber.

You may read #ArtistsRealLife by clinking this link.

Thank you, as always, for reading.