Never say never...

Art advisors will say "never, ever discount your paintings."

Me thinks those advisors never had storage considerations, i.e. lots of inventory in their studio!  When I moved this summer, I moved 88 canvases.  A few of those blank, waiting for new creations, but a whole lot of them already painted.  With another move likely within the next year, I would love to thin that number down a bit.

I also enjoy rewarding those of you who follow Mimi's Art through the year with some extra fun, extra bonus, extra thank you. 

So, deep discount time it is.  Why wait til January for "inventory clearance" time when you need gifts and home refurbishing now? And besides, I know the paintings are much happier hanging in someone's home where they are seen every day and cherished as new members of your family, so why not?

Alla prima paintings created in 2021 are now marked down from $100 to $50.

Ornaments (also known as mini-Mimis) are $14 rather than $28.  With 29 new ones added online last week.

And the big ones are marked down approximately 75% - some a little more, some a little less. For example - "Ski It" pictured here - oil on 30"x40" canvas - originally $3800 - now $750! (Uh, Mimi, that's 80%. Yes, I know.  Making someone really happy, I hope!)

Happy shopping! 

For example - "Ski It" pictured here - originally offered at $3800 - now $750!