No... or yes?

"Are you creating up a storm?"

A question asked of me today that I couldn't answer.  Or I should say I simply didn't want to.

Because the answer is no, or at least the answer to the obvious question is no.

I haven't held a paintbrush yet today.

Because I'm in 'clean and clear and declutter and organize' mode as we begin the new year.

Piles everywhere. Things given away. Some thrown away, though I really really REALLY dislike throwing things away that have useful life in them but what do we DO with the minutia when we clean and clear the clutter? 

Perhaps that's a question for another day.  I digress.

The answer, the honest and real answer, to his question, is "yes."

I AM creating.  Just not in the obvious "oh you're an artist so I bet you paint for hours every day" kind of way.

I'm creating order out of chaos. I'm creating peace midst the noise. I'm creating a better organized studio space that will have less distractions when I do actually sit at the easel. I'm creating room in my life by saying no to a lot of things I might have previously answered yes to so that when the Holy Spirit, my muse, whispers to me what the next best step is, I will be able to discern it.

So yes, I suppose I AM creating up a storm today.  A more peaceful storm.

​Rosie says it's ok with her, as long as I don't disturb her nap.

Love you all.