Painting Pants and Twinkly Toes

There are so many romanticized ideas of what the life of an artist looks like.  Lovely airy Parisian lofts.  Endless uninterrupted time at the easel.  

I titled my blog "Artist's Real Life" because I have this idea it might be fun to share what the life of an artist REALLY looks like.  Took this photo the other day, and posted it on social media.  With the following amazingly long run on sentence attached.  

"This is what life looks like when your daughter’s wedding is two weeks away and you really want to wear your vintage heels but they are old and a little too tight (because our feet appear to grow as we age 🤪) so you wear them at home for as long as you can stand it every day in hopes they will stretch even when you are in your painting clothes ready to venture out for some plein air painting."

Welcome to my world, dear friends.  Wild and mixed up and unpredictable and honestly I don't think I'd want it any other way!  Thanks for coming along for the ride with me.