Quaint... or current

Walking through the beachside neighborhood of Megansett yesterday, I was struck by the dramatic differences between those homes that still stand exactly as I remember them from when I first visited there in the early 1970's and the ones that have been rebuilt, or newly built.

Quaint.  It applies to the older ones.  Definitely not a word one would use with the newer ones.  They are - huge. Modern.  "Current."

Maybe because I'm growing older myself, but I prefer those quaint ones.  Oh sure, I get it.  Newer.  Bigger.  Brighter.  Fancier.  That's the current craze.

Yet those older ones, well, they have stories to tell.  Generations passing one to the next.  Sure, the shingles need to be replaced.  And a new roof occasionally needs to happen.  But I know as I walk past that there are creaky doors, and floorboards, that when replaced will lose their memories.  The children who grew up there, now adults themselves, can revisit earlier times, hopefully with nostalgic smiles.

I'm sure there are also some less pleasant memories tied up in those homes.  Broken families.  Sibbling squabbles.  Disappointing reunions.

But we can choose where we focus.  What will I remember... and what will I let go of?  

I've just completed a new build of my own.  A new Mimi's Art website.  It includes search tools and check out tools many of which I barely understand at this time.  It is the modern, current version that is expected in 2021. I hope you will enjoy it.

While doing so, it drew me deep into my photo files of older paintings.  Talk about a walk down memory lane.  There were many which I would choose to never show again, because my oh my the painting skills and styles have changed over the years.  Yet there were some that brought back smiles.  Because when I paint, it captures a moment in time.  And some of those moments I had forgotten.

Ok, Mimi, wrap it up.  Time to get the new website out to the public.  Push the 'go' button and let it fly.

Til next time... cherish the memories, as you embrace the current moments.  Because tomorrow, well, we never know if we even get a tomorrow.  So live joyfully and love deeply today. 

Blessings to you.