Safe rest

That's my bed. Or my old, former bed, to be more accurate.  My Raggedy Ann doll from childhood, and another stuffed animal picked up in 1996.

The scene is from my bedroom in 1996.  Shortly after my divorce, when I was learning what my 'personal style' was when on my own to decide.  A bedroom in a rental home where I felt safe and secure, at least for the half year I lived there.  The house had been on the market several years, unsold, so we figured the rental situation was a safe bet.  The home sold about a month after we moved in, my daughter, Harry (the cat) and me.

This painting is 30"x40" on masonite board, an ultrasmooth surface on which to paint. It is one in my long list of paintings I want to take back to the easel to rework, now 20 years or so since I first painted it.

Not every bedroom I've had in the past twenty years has felt quite as restful as this one (there have been five since then - a lot of moves.) Perhaps as I rework it there will be time for me to reflect on what made it so comfortable for me, so that I can be sure to bring it forward.

Another personal vignette.  Another painting with deeper meaning perhaps only for me.  Yet once again, my old marketing line comes to mind.  "Where is YOUR happy place?"  Please allow me to paint it for you.  Capture the moments of joy or rest you've known there.