Self-imposed - self-released

The March Project.  It sounded like a good idea on March 1, and it was.  Until it wasn't.

It was a self-imposed discipline.  I needed some structure, to make me write and paint every day.  A daily sketch, and daily blog post.  Every day in March.

Now, 21 days in, I am making a conscious decision to release myself from the obligation, because it became that.  Was taking up too much of my time each day, and keeping me from some other timely projects needing my attention.

It's been good, to write and sketch every day, and I will likely continue to do so, simply won't necessarily share every day.  It will allow me the freedom to dive a bit deeper into exploring both mediums, without the concern of "what will it look like/sound like if I post this?"

I'll be back soon.  Thanks for being on the 21 day ride with me.

Here is one more sketch I did yesterday afternoon.  Mostly a cloud study.  I kinda love it.  Enjoy.