Short and sweet

It's Friday.  Stop.  Take an extra, calm, breath.  Or two.  Or ten.

The world is ... challenging. To say the least.

The world is ... still full of beauty.  To say the most.

Today when I filled up my gas tank, I tried to focus not on the price, but on the fact that I have a car, and live in a place where I am free to move about in her. (Yes, my car has a pronoun.)

This afternoon, when I went to do my daily task of creating a new sketch in nature, I soaked in the warmth and sunlight, watching so many others walking the beach, with their dogs.  Some even taking off their shoes and digging their toes in the sand. And I said multiple prayers of gratitude that this is my #artistsreallife.

That's all for now.  You have other things to do now.  Thank you for reading.

Oh - and here are the two sketches I created.