Sneak peak

Perhaps more intimidating than the stuck point midway through an artistic creation (if you read yesterday's blog post you know what I'm talking about.  If not, you may read it here) is when a new painting starts out so much better than expected.  I know that may sound like it doesn't make sense.  Here is why, at least for me.

When a painting starts out poorly, there's a sense of "this can only get better if I keep on working on it." 

When the painting starts out really well, however, there is a pressure to make sure that each and every brush stroke is terrific, so that I don't mess up what has already been done.

Rather than posting about an old painting, I'm going to share here with you the painting I started this morning, not yet complete.  Please be kind... have you ever looked at a haircut halfway through?!

This is the source photo.  A candid taken by one of my daughter's friends on the day of her wedding.  From the first I saw it, I was awed by the gracefulness and lines of her dress, and gown.  And the sense of intimacy between the two of them as they headed toward the wedding venue together.  

I had in mind a painting.  Today, finally started one.  It's fairly large.  48"tall by 24" wide.  The first hour flew by as I laid in the dark, medium, and light areas with black, grey, and white gesso paint.

After four hours, the painted landed here.  Please know - it is not a finished painting by any means.  Plenty more to do.  But for the first day, well, it brings me smiles to look at it. 

And to the question of "what am I trying to say with this painting?"  Simply how much I love my daughter, and the man who is now her husband, and the beautiful life and family they are embarking on, one of grace, and respect, and love.