The one when the coyote walks in...

I'm sitting on a private beach, painting.  Sitting cross legged in the sand, minding my own business.  When out of the corner of my eye, I see movement coming out of the grass onto the beach behind me.  

I'm not sure he saw me until he was fully committed, and then he just kept walking.  TOWARD Me.  Then, sat down.  And while a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm not sure it accurately conveys how close he was.  Like, maybe about 10 feet away?  Go ahead, pace that off, I'll wait.  Three long strides and a little more.  Just.  Sat.  Down.

It would have been comical, had I not in my gut been terrified.  Remember the part about how I was sitting cross legged in the sand?  I don't get up quickly these days, so moving away wasn't a good option. I didn't want to appear vulnerable on my hands and knees.

So, we both just sat there. Keeping an eye on each other without staring directly at each other.  It was kinda like a movie scene, where two people at opposite ends of the bar keep looking at each other without wanting the other to know they are looking.

After about 30 seconds that felt like a week, I slowly picked up my phone to take a picture, and to call a friend, just in case.  Just in case of what I'm not sure, but somehow it seemed like a good idea to share the moment.  Quietly. 

Gratefully, he got up, and walked away back into the grass from which he came.  I suppose he grew bored of our game without moves.

Why am I sharing this?  Simply because, well, I don't know.  

I must admit I was surprised by the reactions of friends when I shared the story.  They ranged from two opposite extremes of either terrified, or casual comments of 'oh what a beautiful animal' with no alarm at all for what I experienced.

So here is my question.  What would YOU do if this happened to you?

And even more fun, please feel free to suggest a caption to the photo.  Because yes, there is some priceless irony in the words on the sign next to him!

Thanks for reading all the way through.  Happy Friday!

Love to all.