Walk in the water

It's a simple painting, really.  One I painted from a photograph many years ago, and sold sometime later. Two adolescent girls walking through the water on a summer's day.

I don't know about you, but right now my feet are tiring of wearing wool socks and itching (quite literally) to go barefoot.  To walk in the water, even better.  But it's only March 11, so that will likely have to wait a bit longer, even though the angle of the sun makes it look like it is a lot warmer out there.

March is such a fickle month.  A week or so ago we had 58 degree sunshine one day, and snow and icy rain the next.

I love winter. I really do.  But I'm looking forward to when scenes like this one present themselves IRL (haha - that's In Real Life for those of you less familiar with social media slang.)

Counting the days.  Looking longingly at my sandals in the closet.  

That's all I've got to say.  For today.  Not profound.  Simply... simple.  Happy weekend!