7 days into the "54 Falmouth beach paintings in 54 days" project

This project has been even more fun than I original envisioned! (if you don't know about the project please read the April 1 blog post linked here.)

I've been exploring new beaches to paint, beyond my usual go-to's of Chapoquoit and Megansett.  With each one, I'm gaining new ideas for other larger paintings.

Alla Prima.  That's the name for this type of painting.

In Italian, the term "alla prima" means "at first attempt". In other words, the paintings are completed in a single session, on location, without further layers or tweaks in the studio.  Most are completed in about an hour - some more, some less.

What's even more fun, for you?

I decided to make these paintings available at extremely affordable price points during the 54 days!  How does an 80% discount sound? Yes, I know - kinda wild.  80% discount off regular gallery prices.   

You may shop the collection here. 

Please follow me on Social Media if you'd like to see daily updates on where I am.  I'm on Facebook as Mimi's Art, on Instagram as MimisArtGallery, and on the Facebook Group "Fabulous Falmouth" as Mimi Schlichter.

I'm thinking that when the weather is a tad bit warmer, and I can be outside of my car, I will do some painting demos - LIVE ART!!!  Please subscribe to my e-newsletter if you'd like to receive notice of where and when.

And in the meantime - enjoy these early spring sunshiney days!  My toes absolutely can't wait to get out of shoes and socks and back into flip flops!!!

Love to all.